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Just a quick note to say congratulations to Dylan and Paul on their feature in the August issue of Vogue. In June, I was honored to photograph the wedding of Dylan Lauren, only daughter of Ralph and Ricky Lauren owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar. An amazing wedding and experience on all accounts. The article below is an article specifically about Dylan and not necessarily about the wedding (though it does detail the wedding to some extent).  I was happy to have two images from the wedding published on the third page of the article and to share photo credit with my photography hero Bruce Weber who provided a family photo shot some time ago.

Dylan Lauren Wedding, James Christianson, Vogue, Ralph Lauren

Dylan Lauren Wedding, Dylan Lauren Wedding Dress, James Christianson, Vogue Magazine, Ralph Lauren

Dylan Lauren Wedding, Dylan Lauren Wedding Dress, James Christianson, Vogue Magazine, Ralph Lauren



Far right photo by a member of my team Todd Wemmer. Other photo credits include HANNAH THOMSON; BILLY FARRELL and SEBASTIEN KIM (lead story image).

Also a big congratulations to Jaimie and Kenny!  An image from their wedding was feature in the national edition of The Knot Magazine.


  1. Charlene Christianson says:

    Oh so proud of my husband. 😉 Beautiful work as always!

  2. Eeeeeeek! Congratulations James! I literally gasped when I saw this post. Wow. I’ve been dying to see Dylan Lauren’s wedding dress ever since Ralph was interviewed on Oprah. Imagine my thrill to see that it was YOU who photographed the wedding. They couldn’t have made a better choice. Will we see more photos on your blog here, or do I need to run out and buy Vogue Magazine right now?? More photos pleeeeeeaaase! Oh – and from what I can see, the dress does not disappoint. Wow. Gorgeous. Congratulations again. And to your wife – I would be very proud too!

  3. Congratulations… fantastic stuff! Can’t wait to see more of the wedding!

  4. Congrats man! Very cool!

  5. congrats … so exciting! We hope the wedding went well for you! hope you and the fam are doing well!

  6. Looks great! Congratulations on your success, you deserve the recognition.

  7. Karen Tyner says:

    So proud of you! Can’t wait to run and get a copy!!

  8. James that is absolutely awesome, congratulations!!!

  9. Connie Luna says:

    Her father captured the most beautiful dress for his only daughter, must be the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, you cant get more memorable than your father designing your wedding dress. The best to this beautiful family.

  10. There would have been no better “man” for this job. When I heard you were doing this wedding, I thought, “PERFECT”. And of course, you rocked it. Great job, Jimmy!


  11. I really think dylan lauren wedding gown was amazing. A ralph lauren wedding gown is the best. High quality and very expensive.


  1. […] Dylan Lauren’s wedding photos in Vogue are finally revealed.  Dylan is the daughter of Ralph Lauren and founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar.  She married a hedge fund manager in June and looked stunning!  Check out the article on Daily Mail.  For more photos, check out wedding photographer James Christianson. […]

  2. […] On choosing a wedding photographer: Hiring James Christianson to photograph our wedding just felt right. James (friends call him Jim) has hit a level of success in his personal life, professional photography career, and accomplishments as a visual artist which I admire. Spending time with Jim during our engagement session affirmed that in every way. He was perfect for us! Apparently Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan, must have thought the same (check out August 2011 issue of Vogue or James’ blog post here). […]

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