Quinn Jacob Christianson – Louisville, Colorado

Last month my wife and I fell in love for a fourth time.  Our two boys Ian and Shaun welcomed their new brother Quinn Jacob into their world and the Christianson trifecta has been created.  Yes, my wife is living in a house of testosterone and the wild rumpus is in full swing.  We are a little worn out from lack of sleep but are a happy family of five.  I took the Nikon F5 and shot some rolls of film throughout the experience. And how about my wife, how can a woman be this beautiful and graceful in even the most difficult of times.  Charlene, I love you with all of my heart, you are an incredible mother to our boys and I feel grateful and blessed.

Boulder Family Portraits, James Christianson Photographers, Denver Colorado Portraits

Boulder Family Portraits, James Christianson Photographers, Denver Colorado Portraits

Boulder Family Portraits, James Christianson Photographers, Denver Colorado Portraits

Boulder Family Portraits, James Christianson Photographers, Denver Colorado Portraits

Boulder Family Portraits, James Christianson Photographers, Denver Colorado Portraits

*Tech note: Kodax Tmax 400, Kodak, Tri-X 3200, Ilford Delta 3200, shot with Nikon F5


  1. Oh my gosh, JIM!!! This is a miracle – thank you for sharing. Quinn is beautiful and one lucky little guy to be a part of such an incredible family!!

  2. He’s adorable, James. Congrats to you and Charlene!

  3. Fantstic, Jim! Congratulations. And great pic’s, as always, too. Thank you for sharing.

  4. this is the work life is made of. absolutely perfect.

  5. Gorgeous James congratulations to you and your entire family.

  6. welcome to the planet little man!

  7. He’s amazing James! Can’t wait to meet him and see more pics! xo

  8. Congrats Jim! 3 sons, wow! We’re expecting our little girl in January. :)

  9. Hey Man,

    A big congrats to you. I know how much energy you have. And I know how much energy little boys have. God, please give strength to Charlene :) Seriously, I’m stoked for you brutha. Can’t wait to meet him.

  10. absolutely beautiful. welcome to the world little guy :) so much love to you and your incredible family.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! Charlene- you look stunning… I adore the shot of Quinn laying on your chest with your eyes closed and smiling. A moment to be treasured forever.
    Can’t wait to get these Olsen girls connected to the Christianson boys! Watch out world!

  12. Fantastic, James! Teared up a bit. Such a beautiful experience for all! :) And I SO love the name (obvious statement since I have a Jake AND a Quinn!)

  13. Congratulations! So happy for you guys.

  14. Terry "Mom" says:

    Beautiful pictures… Great delivery Charlene.. welcome to the wonderful world of three kids.
    The most wonderful treasure you will ever hold in your life.. an amazing husband and three great kids..

  15. Great pics. Another great looking little fella. Charlene is AMAZING! What a rockstar! Side note…. your hair looks really cool in your pic of yourself.

  16. Grandma Christianson says:

    My son, you are truly amazing how you captured each special moment! Charlene, what a wonderful mother and wife you are!
    These are the best years of your life! Enjoy each special time with the new family of five! Thank you for the wonderful gift of
    Grandchildren whom we love sooo much!

  17. beyond perfect. so happy for your family…!

  18. A Beautiful story told through your amazing photography! Congrats on another beautiful boy!

  19. Charlene and James, these are amazing moments, beautifully captured, simply inspiring! Quinn WILL appreciate these images some day more than we can imagine at this moment! Honestly, your ‘father to be’ self-portrait is such an important part of this series, and I love seeing you happy in your element! You’ll be the best father these boys will ever know! Charlene, someone very special to me has three older brothers, so there still might be a chance for girl :) I tell Krista was MY perfect surprise!!! You never know what life can bring! With many OB-GYNs in my family, I wonder and dream what it is like to witnessing a birth…. hopefully of my first child (I could see myself very happy with three sons!!). I send you both my thoughts and prayers and thank you for being a great role model to look up to. PS- Charlene, thank you for sharing James with us on March 13! PSS- James, thank for for sharing film specs… shot my first roll of T-max on in 10 years, the film that opened my eyes to the world of photography! And I thank YOU for opening my eyes to the world of wedding photography!

  20. Absolute perfection. Congratulations to you and your beautiful wife Charlene. And welcome to handsome little Quinn. These photos are pure magic. Thank you for sharing James!!!

  21. Jim and Char, I am so incredibly happy for you and the boys! Quinn is the perfect addition to an already perfect family. Quinn has already brought such joy and made your love even stronger. I cannot wait to meet the little man and watch him grow. You have already raised to incredible little men so I am certain he will be nothing short of amazing :) I am so so so happy for you and Char could you be more beautiful?! Goodness!

  22. Congratulations on your new little one! What a fun house you’ll have with all the boys running around.

  23. Wow! What a BEAUTIFUL story of images! Thanks for sharing your joy and your talent. Congrats on the new addition!

  24. How gorgeous James! Congratulations to you both! He looks just like his momma!

  25. Oh my GOSH this brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations to you and Charlene, and your whole family!! There is nothing better than being a mom to little boys. :)

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