Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been photographing weddings professionally
I have been photographing weddings professionally since 2001. Before that I have photographed weddings for several years as an assistant, this gives me nearly 13 years of experience.

How many photos do you make at a wedding?
We will deliver between 50-100 images per hour. While we shoot much more than this, we feel that the editing process is very important. We will spend hours going over the photos to determine the absolute best photographs to deliver. With eight hours of coverage you can expect around 750 images to be delivered.

Do you offer albums?
Absolutely. We believe that the final book or album is the final creative culmination of our photography and your style and memories. We have two distinct styles to choose from, both hand crafted using the best archival materials to create a family heirloom that can be enjoyed for generations.

When do we receive our photos?
You can expect to see your photos online in 3-4 weeks and your prints shortly thereafter.

What kind of cameras to you use?
We use a mixture of film and digital cameras from Nikon and Contax and Canon. We are always exploring cameras to ensure we are using not only the best camera’s but also tools that inspire us a photographers.

Do you bring back-up equipment?
Without question.

Do you shoot in color or black & white?
With film we shoot both color and black and white. Digitally, we deliver photos in color and hand pick certain images for black and white processing.

How long do you need for ‘family formal’ photos?
We believe that formal portraits are important historical documents that should be recorded. However, you can expect this to take a relatively short amount of time. Formal portraits of immediate family should take no more than 30 minutes.

Do you shoot more than one wedding in a day?
To ensure we give you our absolute best, we only book one wedding on any given day.

How do I choose the right photographer?
Under the “Artists” section of our website you can view each photographer’s portfolio. Choose a photographer that best fits your style and budget. Each photographer has been hand-picked by James for their personality and photographic style.

How much coverage do I need?
We recommend a minimum of eight hours to fully tell the story of your wedding day. After a conversation we will give you our recommendation as to the amount of coverage that you will need. (note: a minimum of 8 hours of coverage is required for weddings outside of Colorado).

Will I need more than one photographer?
We highly recommend a second photographer as it allows for more coverage and a change of perspective during key moments. The addition of a second photographer also gives us some flexibility in our workflow as we can only be in one place at one time.

How far in advance do you book weddings?
Most weddings are booked one year to 9 months in advance. We recommend booking early, especially for key weekends throughout the year.

What is needed to reserve our wedding date?
We require a 50% retainer and a signed contract to reserve your wedding date.

Do you accept credit cards?

Will We meet you before the wedding?
We feel that meeting you is critical to our process. Our creative fees always include an engagement session which not only gives us the opportunity to get to know you, but to also get you in front of the camera and establish a mutual understanding of our photographic process.