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Kevin Von Qualen


His experience shooting with his father and time in the dark room, influenced Kevin as an image maker at an early age. With a bachelors in Art and Design from the heralded Northern Michigan University art program, he developed his style towards documentary and fine art photography molding the two styles into a beautiful narrative. Wether shooting digitally or in an analog form with film or vintage super 8mm cinema, he is a storyteller by nature. Gifted with the ability to capture glimpses of raw emotion and vulnerable moments, Kevin is commissioned to observe, to interact and share the human story experienced at weddings; creating a tangible epilogue of art and history.

“…I try to digest and process, or just get a handle on the overwhelming beauty that life holds when we actually stop and look. How our individual problems can pale in comparison to the people closest to us, and the strangers that surround us.” – Kevin Von Qualen


Kevin craves both social interaction as well as quiet solitude and his body of work reflects his multifaceted personality. His work has been published nationally and will be seen in several upcoming fine art shows later this year. He is a board member for Mile High Photographers (a 600+ member group in Colorado) and makes a difference by collaborating with several non-profit organizations. His personal work involves documenting the intimate stories and lives of people he meets during his travels as he criss-crosses the country. The work can be seen at Intimate America ( Kevin’s deepest passion is the life he continues to nurture and explore with his wife.

Kevin also creates beautifully nostalgic Super 8mm films.  View samples by clicking the following links.  Aspen, Colorado Super 8mm Film or  Willow Harbor, Michigan Super 8mm Film